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A Golden Hat-Trick at the 2023 Distilled Spirits Awards

by Evan Kipping 25 Sep 2023

Celebration is in the air at Hermetica Distillery. The gleam of gold has once again graced our shelves, marking the third consecutive year that Hermetica Whisky has been recognized with this prestigious accolade. The Distilled Spirits Awards, held annually, are a beacon for excellence within the industry, and we are truly honored to shine alongside the best.

This year, our commitment to quality and precision was reflected in a score of 92 points. Such recognition isn't just a number—it's an affirmation of the painstaking processes, the tireless experimentation, and the absolute devotion we pour into every batch. To be placed in the top 8% on a national scale speaks to the essence of what we aim to achieve: uncompromised quality and a drinking experience that transcends the ordinary.

The journey of Hermetica isn't merely about crafting exceptional whisky; it's about setting benchmarks and then pushing ourselves to exceed them. Every gold medal we've been awarded over the past three years isn't just a testament to our whisky's excellence—it's a testament to the team's unwavering dedication, our supporters' belief in our vision, and our shared passion for a spirit that tells a tale.

To our community, our patrons, and every individual who has taken a moment to savor a sip of Hermetica Whisky: Thank you. This accolade, like the ones before, is as much yours as it is ours.

Stay Spirited.

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